Of Burning(&), Incense…

The thick,                              suffocating        smell of burning (liquor-                store)incense and marijuana, filled the air, of the dimly lit room… He felt light-headed, eh,long-ass day.  Probably the stupid incense… His mind, for the moment […]

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Paradise Lost Chronicles: [Entry]1;

I’m cold, freezing fucking COLD. In fact, I’m worse than that… …I’m CHICAGO COLD. It’s snowing-everywhere it’s white-, and I’m tensing up in some, counter-productive attempt at conjuring up body heat, cringing at the whipping winds, cringing at the 500 yards of walking left in my winter wonder-fuck of a trek home… Then… …Nothing. The cold is […]

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There are WAY too many problems in the world today, and much of these problems are WAY too complex to address by the currently ignorant masses, which have, by this point, inherited the planet… Well, ladies and gentlemen; is that the truth or isn’t it? In a sense, I will indeed admit the evident element of pessimism […]

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The temperature, which had been quite frigid throughout the day, to begin with, had just noticeably slipped even lower; and now the sun was quickly setting, upon a cool, blueish-grey polar expanse of outstretched horizon down in that valley below. There they two stood, in a frozen silence.  Their eyes had apparently froze as well, gazing off ahead into the […]

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Humanity Flawed.

Humanity is flawed… …That’s a given.   As much as we’d like to believe, that our understanding of this statement is absolute; many times the understanding of our understanding may, in fact, not reflect as much. Strangely enough, when thinking in terms of humanity in general, this is true almost always; yet at times we(depending […]

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