The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human.

-Aldous Huxley

    Aldous Huxley was not referring to any specific partisan side, or group when he gave us this powerful preceding statement.  He was, as is made quite clear upon a closer analysis, referring to “the propagandist”; a term that may be understood as completely apolitical.

In modern times; each click of the on button to our televisions allows us to have, in my own opinion, a front row seat to view the propagandist’s clever work.  Realistically our news media contains the largest amount of propagandist contamination, yet that fact is not meant to promote the idea that all other channels are not infected with elements of what can only be described as a variation of mind-control.

You see, although recent jabs at media outlets by our new president have been widely covered in the news and even condemned on many occasions; there is more than just “fake news” at play here folks.

Propaganda does not deceive people; it merely helps them to deceive themselves.

-Eric Hoffer

The truth is that many things we would otherwise never even think to perceive as propaganda, is ultimately the most powerful form of propaganda.  Whether it is in comedy, like SNL, or music, or any other art form, there is a message being conveyed to the masses watching from their couches.  It is quite subtle in it’s nature, often even coming with a chuckle, but make no mistake my friends; this is a very powerful elixir of mind-altering programming.  When we are unconsciously made to create certain connections, mental links between, something as innocent as laughter, and an idea, political or not; well, then clearly there is an underlining factor of the propagandist’s work in the mix.

We as humans are pre-programmed to like feeling good, to enjoy happiness, and frankly to find whatever allows us to experience such emotional responses, as right or good.

Many propaganda programs of the past worked quite well in doing the exact opposite of that, and consequently have presently become infamous with the evils of propaganda itself.  This kind of negative fear-mongering, used by the likes of many a evil 20th century regime(Hitler, Stalin, etc.), have not vanished from the scene, and are still widely implemented across the globe, including here in the U.S..

     In truth however, it has now been joined by a new style of thought control.  A system which allows an unsuspecting dumbfuck to actually believe that he has himself reached, whatever conclusion has been steadily spoon fed to him, all on his own.  Yes, incredible, perhaps hard to believe, but true nonetheless.

This goes similarly with music, such as rap in recent decades.  I myself, am guilty of enjoying my jams on the daily.  Yet let’s take a step back from our world, and observe from a specter form, if you will.

Hip-Hop may seem to be empowering to a good many people, especially amongst the African-American community.  Is it really though?  Those which seem to take offence from the scene’s use of verbal profanities is one thing, and, in my opinion largely irrelevant; however there is a deeper story here as well.  The rap industry has built itself upon the Thug Life, for lack of a better term, and with it, implemented a wide-range of new social norms.  Some quite casual, like the normalization of using the word bitches to describe women, even between women.  Others more detrimental, like influencing young, in most cases black, Americans to do a wide range of drugs, sexual promiscuity, commit theft, murder, gun violence, develop a powerful hatred of law-enforcement, and various other truly bad social behaviors.  This has ultimately resulted in an already fragile, economically deprived black community, to break even further.  On a wider scale, American society in general has been effected as well.  Family values have been dealt a crushing blow, innocence in the youth has all but vanished, and many of the detrimental social tendencies listed above, have actually steadily become social norms.


It’s simple really.  The music makes me feel fuckin’ good damn it, it’s got a beat, a dope melody, and the lyrics are provocative.  Yet eventually, the lyrics become a reality.  In saying that I don’t mean one goes and holds up a liquor store after listening to a rap song, because quite honestly…that would be retarded.  I mean in a  very subtle way we don’t even realize.  In many ways, rap has even effected race-relations in a big way.  It doesn’t take much of a genius to understand that rap music, with all of it’s lyrics and meanings, has painted a picture of black communities for white suburban America; and it ain’t a good folks.


“Never thought I’d end up here…”


“eh, who the fuck really does man.”

“Ain’t lyin’ there Frank.”

“Yeah, guess I’m just kinda fuckin’ deep like that Paul.”

        The two men finished what they were doing, and after a hard night’s labor, decided to surrender themselves to the tired feeling, which had been growing inside both of their hearts for awhile.

“Wrap it up for the night Frankie?”

“Why…yuh motha comin’by Paul?”

“Ey Frank, I ever compliment’chu on that

beautiful personality yuh got there?”

“…Now that’chya mention it Paulie…nahh.

Don’t think yuh did Paul.”

They threw their shovels in a big black garbage bag, and finally had a catch to slip off their filthy gloves.

“Fuckin’ stinks Frank…let’s move out.”

“Ain’t my fault’chya don’wipe your ass Paul…

granted sounds like a personal issue if yah ask me.”

“Yuh ever said sut’n nice Frank…”

“That a question Paulie?”

“…well, i guess maybe to the man upstairs.”

“Well he ain’t listenin’. anh’I’s need a brewser.

Fer’em two reasons your wish is granted Paul…”

“I’d say Fuck you Frank, but I’s too damn tired

right now”

“…Never too tired to shut that damn trap o’yuhr’s though,

huh Paulie?”

“…Know what Frankie…

Fuck yous.”

“Well there he is…”

After about ten minutes of walking, the two men got to their car.  Paul heaved the shovels over into the truck bed, only to realize they had forgotten something.

“Ey Frankie…”

“What now Paul…?”

“Hey don’t gimme attitude now Frank. I mean-“

“Alright, Alright Paulie, just what? huh.

I mean what is it now?”

“We fuckin’ forgot one back here Frank.”

“NO FUCKIN’ shit Paul…

…well who’s fuckin’ fault could that possibly be now.

hmmm…les think.”

“Just shut up and tell me what

we’re gonna do with this piece o’ shit here.

…Can’t leave it till morn’n.”

“Alright relax Paul.

…We’ll just throw it over the bridge on our way back.”

     The two agree on Frank’s stated course of action, and drove off in the direction of home.  Then, just as they were passing across a great river via bridge; a six-pot set of D’Blumo‘s petunias was launched out of the truck’s window, into the Hudson.

“Yah really think the park district guys

won’t notice a few missing Frankie?”

“Cahm’onnn Paulie…

..”.These jaggoffs aren’t on shit.”

“ehhh-I dunno Frankie…”

“You really think they got some

asshole counting every

fukin’daisy in the park Paul?”

“ehhh-wuell yeah, guess your right Frank.”

“Tell’me sum’ I’s don’know Paulie.”

“You’s pushin’it Frankie…”

Just Another Insomniac

There are, as most of you can relate to, a good many things to keep a man(or woman for that matter) awake at night…

GOOD MANY indeed.

If you take your average American for example; bills, debts, addiction, the President, the economy, ISIS, Healthcare, death, relationships, former-relationships, rent, stray bullets, climate change, kids, family, etc, etc….and etc, are just a sliver of various issues individuals in this sleepless category may be internally processing in the dead of night.

Most silently, and in utter-seclusion from the rest of the world.

I for one, sincerely wish that I was not a member of this club…

…Unfortunately, I happen to have a platinum membership.  But; t’fuck can one do….

(…beer comes to mind.)

In any case, here I am, I am here.  So… fuck it.

Or not.

Perhaps a broad analysis of an unaddressed, widespread epidemic, of baseless insomnia is in order?

I have, within recent years exposed an underlying current of general discontent among a very wide spectrum of Americans, men, and woman, from of all walks of life.  Many times for no apparent reason at all.  This infectious sense of silent, yet powerful dissatisfaction, is by no means evident, on the face, within standard conversation, or through social behaviors; at least, if not first hoisted up from the depths of the individual’s soul.

In order to expose any given person’s dark insecurities, not for the purpose of proliferation, yet instead to attempt some form of open-forum for the soul, one must NEVER forceful interject an actual proposal to do so.  Any push into another’s deepest torment, may not be perpetrated for nefarious reasons, only as means for the well-being of a fellow human being.

For starters, human beings are like onions.  If you’ve ever watched the first Shrek movie, you probaly understand this concept already.  If you have not; do so.  NOW…

Trump & the World: What’s Going On Here?

So; it is now April 2017, and Donald J. Trump has been Commander and Chief for almost three months now…

Now, although many in his own camp, as well as his democrat adversaries, believe he has either made distasteful policy decisions, or, as many further right leaning conservative Republicans might well tell you, he hasn’t gone nearly far enough.

It’s quite a critical period for the Trump presidency, as the administration settles into it’s, seemingly still developing position, feeling out the wide spectrum of Washington’s political landscape, and going about setting up it’s players on the field; all, while under constant fire from an unrelenting liberal resistance…

…Not to mention the, at times equally crippling(if not even more so), opposition coming from the likes of his own team, most notably, the Hard-Core Conservatives. 

      The troubling extent of this internal squabbling, became quite clear, with the failure, of a now Republican dominated Congress, in passing Healthcare reform, or, as many conservatives had initially hoped, repealing Obamacare completely.  The reality, in regards to internal Republican co-operation, seems to be a hell-of-a-lot more difficult than reality TV‘s greatest “deal-maker” had expected, prior to actually taking office in January.

There is undeniably enough blame to go around for the GOP‘s lack of success in their Healthcare endeavor, and that means a little more than just yanking on, ‘prep-school hall monitor turned Speaker of the House’, Paul Ryan’s balls.

       In fact, although their struggle against the dreaded ‘evils‘ of Obamacare, as well as a variety of basic, shared Republican ideological views, may have united the party throughout the Obama years, and equally so, in the hard-fought 2016 election campaign; the GOP currently appears to be splintering on repealing, or ushering in, the very legislation which they had relentlessly battled the then-ruling democrats on for years.

There is a wide rift amongst the elephant herd we see today, ideologically, as well as politically, and even in terms of their desired policy legislation.

 The ‘herd’, is, surprisingly enough, actually quite diverse; with moderate, more socially progressive(for lack of a better word) Republicans on one side, and the hardliners, old-school type true conservatives on the other, the ranks of which host the now infamous Freedom Caucus.   In the middle, you’ve got your hybrids, Rand Pauls & such, including guys from pretty much all over the political spectrum.

The GOP’s Paul Ryan engineered Healthcare bill, was significant, not only in regards to it being viewed by most, elephant, rhino, and jackass alike, as an EPIC failure for the party, but also in terms of demonstrating just how different these various Republican factions are.  It was in that fateful blunder, which it became apparent that there were some tough nuts to crack, specifically when on the subject of the hardcore conservative block mentioned briefly above, known as the Freedom Caucus.  This small thirty man brick-squad refused to become accomplices to simply reforming Obamacare, and instead, opted to put a wrench in the gears of Paul Ryan’s congressional machine, and refused to vote in favor of passing the bill.  This montly crew, became a big ol’ thorn in Trump’s asshole, and pushed for an ultimate goal of completely repealing Obamacare; in which case an alternative source of medical insurance, would essentially be non-existent.

Now seeee, although that sort of, simply inconsiderate agenda, might work relatively smoothly for some of these Freedom COCKLESS fat-cat districts, but for many of the more moderate Republican congressmen, a good chunk of which come from purple swing districts, where voters tend to lean alot further left then any true conservatives; a move like that would essentially mean pitchforks and torches, and that could honestly have more than just a figurative meaning.  The fairly large number of Republicans which recently managed to win these swing races in 2016, are inevitably tied to the folks living within these districts.  In many ways, the (Republican)moderates in Congress, understand the underlying reason for these their victories, and the reason is middle-lower class votes.  The majority of low-income, white, working-class voters are not stupid, and being swing voters, they do not have to allow their elected officials in Washington to screw them out of the only medical care they can get.  Their voices were heard loud and clear, by the moderates, which would likely loose their seats in future elections, if the hardliners were allowed to have it their way.  For them, Obamacare is far from great, in fact it sucks more&more with each raise of the premiums, making it almost unaffordable for many, which then become forced into paying a fine for not being able to pay…In itself a vicious bureaucratic cycle of horseshit when you think about it.  Anyway, their vote, was a vote seeking a conservative economic approach to solving the currenttly escalating Healthcare Crisis, among many other things of course; like immigration, the rising deficit, national security, etc.

The point here is, that with the moderates at the mercy of their equally, or even more moderate constituents, and the Freedom Cockers unwillingness to co-operate, with anything short of a total&complete termination of Obamacare, as well as, what seems by all indications which they’ve shown up til now, Universal Healthcare of any kind; the Trump administration has had quite a rocky start in Washington, and looks to me, like they’re in for a bumpy ride.

One thing is for-DAMN-sure, Paul Ryan doesn’t seem to have sufficient leverage over his House at this point, not that that boy scout ever was all too intimidating, and when the time came for the deal-maker himself to lock the Freedom Cocks in line, well, clearly the art of the deal is a more complicated process than I assumed.

The Republican Party, is no longer the opposition party in Washington, meaning, the time of fuckin’around & talking mad shit without actually having any realistic way of ushering in their own policies, is OVER.  They ain’t on the bench no more, and this seasons starters seem to be playing against each other for some reason.  Whatever that may be, I guess that how well these boys played back in practice for the last eight years, just isn’t showing out on the field come game time.  Practice is over, and they’re still in their sweats right now.


——————-}B.M. Strix

“That war they keep talking about…”

There is a war raging, somewhere which is not near you; as well as likely quite far from anyone, that you actually even know.

It is a conflict between neighbors, even brothers in some cases.

One which is currently in its fifth year. Five years it’s been, since the ancient land plunged into turmoil, and it’s ancient scars, were gruesomely torn, wide-open once more.

I have watched it, for those five years.  In that span of time, I have seen many things, some cruel, some almost demonic…evil things, for lack of any better definition.

We all watched in fact…

…from afar, and although at times, it may have peeked our interest a bit, in reality, at least if we’re being honest; we tuned in, largely due to curiosity, rather than any sort of legitimate humanitarian concern.

Yet there it is; still.

By now, I’m quite sure to stand correct, when acknowledging the fact that, most, if not all of us; had believed that it would have ended by now…

Yet here we are; it didn’t…

Years ago, this civil war began, in a time of violent popular uprisings, across the entire region.  The protests here, in the country of discussion, were, initially at least, peaceful; for the most part.

Soon, the images on western media coverage of the events, where getting more&more unsettling to watch.

Syria’s opposition movement, which had formed through a coalition of various groups from across the social, as well as ideological spectrum; had, as many other, formerly non-violent anti-government revolts across the region, been battered by a series of overly harsh, and in many cases deadly, crackdowns.

Marches were met with murder, as the most recent member of the long established Assad political dynasty, which had ruled the country for nearly forty years, using the brutal suppression of it’s dissidents, to solidify a hold on power, on various occasions prior to Syria’s current rebellion; Bashar Al-Assad, had only the precedents set by his father’s own struggle with armed revolt to guide him.

A doctor, educated in London, as well as a resident of the undeniably fully Western oriented city; Bashar was catapulted into the seat of power after his brother, which had been chosen and groomed, essentially as his father’s successor to the throne, was killed in a deadly car accident.  The doctor from London, we might reasonably speculate, must have been quite shocked in his initial entrance into power, and understandably so…

One which, all things considered, he, had never actually asked for, nor honestly expected.

Yet, there it was; power.

The current spearhead in Syria’s established government, seems, in many ways, not exactly the strongman type; meek, soft-spoken, and harboring the kind of demeanor, typical of a studious intellectual, not a hated dictator.

A visage in direct contrast, to that portrayed in his father’s character before him.

In truth, not all is black and white; especially in the middle-east.

Bashar al-Assad, was, believe it or not, viewed by the West, as a progressive, after first taking the reigns of power, and hailed as the man to implement a new wave of reforms, which would usher in a modern, more democratic Syria.

In fact, he nearly did…

Whether it was loosening the harsh restrictions on the internet, or incorporating Syria’s economy into the global market; for a time, Bashar al-Assad, it seemed at least, was on the right track.

Yet there it was; a growing opposition



Lil’ol Venting…

Life is a twisted bundle of contradictions, wound tightly; all, interloping amongst one-another, to&fro, yesterday, today&tomorrow…

…Like a rubber-band ball without any bounce, which grows frog legs to overcome it’s deficiency, only to be hunted and eaten by a hungry Frenchman; which, incidentally, gets slaughtered in a Paris open-air restaurant, by a very dissatisfied terrorist with a Kalashnikov, as he takes the very last bite.

An encyclopedia of constantly progressing stories, changing with the passing of births and death; each, like a seashell upon the shifting sands of the shoreline,  unique, never exactly the same as any other, at any given point, past, present, nor future.

A week, may, at various times; present us, with a quite heavier load to carry than our standard ration of bullshit to deal with…


…this was just one of those extra-helping-of-bullshit type weeks I guess.

…Not asking for seconds’.

B.M. Strix

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”
Albert Einstein

Many things fascinate the human mind; algorithms, equations, drugs or sex.  ‘Good’, or ‘evil’…

In fact, a great deal of variation is evident, in terms of individual mental stimuli .  That, is quite clear; as, is indeed the undeniable center of fascination for all humans, even since the very birth of our species.

Our minds are, at least in almost all cases, quite fond of inquisitive ‘things’, and, at least in many cases; these ‘things’, are questions, usually derived, or influenced by the world around us, yet ultimately of our own design.

One such question, stands undoubtedly supreme. That, which questions, the very nature of our existence here on earth; generally, or individually…

Why are we here exactly?

I, personally, have yet to find any sort of fucking clue…

…as, indeed do you.

True story.

The End…