The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human.

-Aldous Huxley

¬† ¬† Aldous Huxley was not referring to any specific partisan side, or group when he gave us this powerful preceding statement. ¬†He was, as is made quite clear upon a closer analysis, referring to “the propagandist”; a term that may be understood as completely apolitical.

In modern times; each click of the on button to our televisions allows us to have, in my own opinion, a front row seat to view the propagandist’s clever work. ¬†Realistically our news media contains the largest amount of propagandist contamination, yet that fact is not meant to promote the idea that all other channels are not infected with elements of what can only be described as a variation of¬†mind-control.

You see, although recent jabs at media outlets by our new president have been widely covered in the news and even condemned on many occasions; there is more than just “fake news” at play here folks.

Propaganda does not deceive people; it merely helps them to deceive themselves.

-Eric Hoffer

The truth is that many things we would otherwise never even think to perceive as propaganda, is ultimately the most powerful form of propaganda. ¬†Whether it is in comedy, like SNL, or music, or any other art form, there is a message being conveyed to the masses watching from their couches. ¬†It is quite subtle in it’s nature, often even coming with a chuckle, but make no mistake my friends; this is a¬†very powerful elixir of mind-altering programming. ¬†When we are unconsciously made to create certain connections, mental links between, something as innocent as laughter, and an idea, political or not; well, then clearly there is an underlining factor of the¬†propagandist’s¬†work in the mix.

We as humans are pre-programmed to like feeling good, to enjoy happiness, and frankly to find whatever allows us to experience such emotional responses, as right or good.

Many propaganda programs of the past worked quite well in doing the exact opposite of that, and consequently have presently become infamous with the evils of propaganda itself.  This kind of negative fear-mongering, used by the likes of many a evil 20th century regime(Hitler, Stalin, etc.), have not vanished from the scene, and are still widely implemented across the globe, including here in the U.S..

     In truth however, it has now been joined by a new style of thought control.  A system which allows an unsuspecting dumbfuck to actually believe that he has himself reached, whatever conclusion has been steadily spoon fed to him, all on his own.  Yes, incredible, perhaps hard to believe, but true nonetheless.

This goes similarly with music, such as rap in recent decades. ¬†I myself, am guilty of enjoying my jams on the daily. ¬†Yet let’s take a step back from our world, and observe from a¬†specter form, if you will.

Hip-Hop may seem to be empowering to a good many people, especially amongst the African-American community. ¬†Is it really though? ¬†Those which seem to take offence from the scene’s use of verbal profanities is one thing, and, in my opinion largely irrelevant; however there is a deeper story here as well. ¬†The rap industry has built itself upon the Thug Life, for lack¬†of a better term, and with it, implemented a wide-range of new social norms. ¬†Some quite casual, like the normalization of using the word¬†bitches¬†to describe women, even between women. ¬†Others more detrimental, like influencing young, in most cases black, Americans to do a wide range of drugs, sexual promiscuity, commit theft, murder, gun violence, develop a powerful hatred of law-enforcement, and various other truly bad social behaviors. ¬†This has ultimately resulted in an already fragile, economically deprived black community, to break even further. ¬†On a wider scale, American society in general has been effected as well. ¬†Family values have been dealt a crushing blow, innocence in the youth has all but vanished, and many of the detrimental social tendencies listed above, have actually steadily become social norms.


It’s simple really. ¬†The music makes me feel fuckin’ good damn it, it’s got a beat, a dope melody, and the lyrics are provocative. ¬†Yet eventually, the lyrics become a reality. ¬†In saying that I don’t mean one goes and holds up a liquor store after listening to a rap song, because quite honestly…that would be retarded. ¬†I mean in a ¬†very subtle way we don’t even realize. ¬†In many ways, rap has even effected race-relations in a big way. ¬†It doesn’t take much of a genius to understand that rap music, with all of it’s lyrics and meanings, has painted a picture of black communities for white suburban America; and it ain’t a good folks.



“Never thought I’d end up here…”


“eh, who the fuck really does man.”

“Ain’t lyin’ there Frank.”

“Yeah, guess I’m just kinda fuckin’ deep like that Paul.”

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† The two men finished¬†what¬†they were doing, and after a hard night’s labor, decided to surrender themselves to the tired feeling, which had been growing inside both of their hearts for awhile.

“Wrap it up for the night Frankie?”

“Why…yuh motha comin’by Paul?”

“Ey Frank, I ever compliment’chu on that

beautiful personality yuh got there?”

“…Now that’chya mention it Paulie…nahh.

Don’t think yuh did Paul.”

They threw their shovels in a big black garbage bag, and finally had a catch to slip off their filthy gloves.

“Fuckin’ stinks Frank…let’s move out.”

“Ain’t my fault’chya don’wipe your ass Paul…

granted sounds like a personal issue if yah ask me.”

“Yuh ever said sut’n nice Frank…”

“That a question Paulie?”

“…well, i guess maybe to the man upstairs.”

“Well he ain’t listenin’. anh’I’s need a brewser.

Fer’em two reasons your wish is granted Paul…”

“I’d say Fuck you Frank, but I’s too damn tired

right now”

“…Never too tired to shut that damn trap o’yuhr’s though,

huh Paulie?”

“…Know what Frankie…

Fuck yous.”

“Well there he is…”

After about ten minutes of walking, the two men got to their car.  Paul heaved the shovels over into the truck bed, only to realize they had forgotten something.

“Ey Frankie…”

“What now Paul…?”

“Hey don’t gimme attitude now Frank. I mean-“

“Alright, Alright Paulie, just what? huh.

I mean what is it now?”

“We fuckin’ forgot one back here Frank.”

“NO FUCKIN’ shit Paul…

…well who’s fuckin’ fault could that possibly be now.

hmmm…les think.”

“Just shut up and tell me what

we’re gonna do with this piece o’ shit here.

…Can’t leave it till morn’n.”

“Alright relax Paul.

…We’ll just throw it over the bridge on our way back.”

¬† ¬† ¬†The two agree on Frank’s stated course of action, and drove off in the direction of home. ¬†Then, just as they were passing across a great river via bridge; a six-pot set of D’Blumo‘s petunias was launched out of the truck’s window, into the Hudson.

“Yah really think the park district guys

won’t notice a few missing Frankie?”

“Cahm’onnn Paulie…

..”.These jaggoffs aren’t on shit.”

“ehhh-I dunno Frankie…”

“You really think they got some

asshole counting every

fukin’daisy in the park Paul?”

“ehhh-wuell yeah, guess your right Frank.”

“Tell’me sum’ I’s don’know Paulie.”

“You’s pushin’it Frankie…”