Humanity Flawed.

Humanity is flawed…

…That’s a given.


As much as we’d like to believe, that our understanding of this statement is absolute; many times the understanding of our understanding may, in fact, not reflect as much.

Strangely enough, when thinking in terms of humanity in general, this is true almost always; yet at times we(depending on who you are exactly) sometimes stray from this understanding.  Essentially, we tend to come to much different conclusions on the possible outcome of any given situation(for better, or worse), when it involves us within those included amongst the involved parties.  This is perhaps, simply one more, out of our countless human flaws, which may be added to the already mountainous pile, of those well-known to man for ages.

We tend to believe quite strongly in the honest truth of our naturally flawed, shared nature, at least when observing or discussing the presence of various imperfections displayed amongst human beings in the general sense.  Now, if it is me involved in a situation, the whole equation changes.

The vaccine needle breaks inside of us.

The shrooms you ate were somehow tainted.

This disease might be wayyy worse than it really is.

I’d kill the damn terrorist if I was there…

Either we see ourselves playing a much more positive role in the picture, or; we allow the outcome of something, in many cases of a quite casual nature, to spiral into a very negative image indeed.

Either way, we are inevitably prone to such a polarized worldview.

That said, the case we find ourselves in is quite a decent one to cope with.

Simply put, I propose a systematic reversal of any negative imaginary situations, in exchange for only the positiveglorified daydreams in

which we score the winning goal, we save the school from an armed group of international terrorists, where we save the damsel and get the girl.

I mean why not?

First of all, a positive mentality has recently been proven to project out into the physical prosperity in the real world by scientists across the spectrum.

Second of all, if the above seems to be the truth, a replacement of negative daydreams with those of a more positive nature, should, in fact, lead us to slightly, in the very least, more prosperous and fulfilling lives.


In any case, that’s my understanding on the matter…

-B.M. StrIX.




              …And then a sizzle coupled with a faint ringing, which meant that I was, at least for the moment, still alive.

Now; sprawled out on the dust coated cement, and unsure exactly how I had gotten here, I instinctively drew my hands from my still crippled eyes.

Initially an attempt to gain any grasp whatsoever of the unfolding scene around my shaking, neutralized body through means of the ears was a failure, prevented by the still persistent ringing deep inside my skull.

 In that moment I realized that the senses which, I, under usual circumstances rely upon in gauging a situation, were currently compromised.

Then, very cautiously, I tried to open up just a sliver of sight. The idea proved a bit rushed, as a foggy white film greeted me.  I closed them once more for a while, as the ringing in my ears slowly subsided.

Even with my ears still largely unusable, I realized very quickly that I was not alone in that damp, dark room.

…very quickly I realized my previously accessed fears, were in fact my present reality.


They were here.

They had come for me…





Sometimes I get to thinkin’…I think a lot.

In any case, I get to thinking about things which need no thought for the most part.  I don’t suppose that it’s anything you’d probably call ‘a choice‘; but, nonetheless I do it…

Here’s a thought;

when will marijuana  be legalized?

Here’s another one;

What is an average male walrus’s general diet look like…

how about a moray eel’s?

If it makes sense in a way, then in a way you are likely insane in a sense

…none of it really should.

’cause where’s the fun in that…?


The Strange Cold

The static of a radio sizzled, like cold bacon dropped on a hot skillet.

 The lone, ragged looking, bearded man sitting silently,

in one corner of the dimly lit,

notably small room;

closed his eyes, took a long,

deep breath,

and sighed heavily.  Now, with his eyes still shut, the man’s head sporadically bopped gently up&down twice, about an inch in either way, before finally slowly sliding downward, into the clammy palms awaiting his face, already in position below.

         A few, long minutes would pass by before the, quite noticeably weathered figure, finally mustered up the will to bring his head back above his tired, slouching shoulders.  A medley of thick, padded, and heavy winter gear, was draped over his exhausted body, seemingly tossed upon the wretch of a man at random, with no general attention given to any sort of apparent style, or color scheme.  In fact, if one were to encounter this quiet individual in any public setting, he’d likely be perceived as a homeless old street urchin. Perhaps he would simply just come off as a exceptionally unkempt and filthy middle-aged drunk, or, in the very least, one quite odd looking bloke.  It was almost as if a thrift-shop, or ‘Goodwill’ truck had exploded directly above his head, causing it’s contents to scatter upon him.

An over-sized, Siberian-styled fur cap, much like those, commonly used by the portrayals of Russian characters in any given film, graced the man’s now sunken head.

When sitting upright, the furry thing was so large, that it actually cast a shadow across the majority of his 8 is eyes darkened under its woolly shape

The room which he now found himself in, was, in many ways, exceptionally unpleasant looking; at least by this point of his residency.

It had been over nine, long months since his last sight of ‘home’.

A nine months which might as well have been, and felt like an eternity.

An eternity out here…

‘Out here’, was no joyous place.

No place almost anyone would likely even fathom of possibly visiting willingly, even in a case where they were unaware of those…’oddities’, which he himself had by now, unfortunately discovered.

 In fact, he had been condemned to bear witness, upon a truth which defied his own cemented reality itself.


That sound,

…for now at least,

…was a calming one for Jack Schwaben.

In fact, it was more than that; it was the closest thing to a ‘life-line’, that he had at this point.  The only shred of hope in a cold sea.

Yet for 3 and a half days now,

the mind-numbing emptiness of the vacant static,

had steadily began creeping under the skin of any, however naive, belief ofalvation; and devouring it whole, from the inside.

Minutes before he had made the decision to undertake a concession on the sizzling machine’s in his, self-accepted, ensuing madness.

It was only then, that Jack gave in to his own growing suspicion that the radio’s empty promise, along with it’s empty transmission channels, was driving him deeper, and deeper into insanity, as the cold of the storm howling into oblivion outside, crept slowly into his bones.

In a way, Jack was simply, impatiently waiting for the frigid embrace of death to come.  This was a thought, that the man had often pondered, for awhile now.

Despair had turned into longing for the ultimate escape for ‘out here’.

Yet, then again, there was the fear.

A fear, which Jack had, in 43 years of life, never had the extreme misfortune of experiencing; well, prior to a little over two weeks ago that is.

That’s where his world became hell.

It was a Monday.

The Monday that his partner Juan Alvarez died.

Out here, death, is usually, as was true in his partner’s passing; fraught with ‘oddities’…



⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗         ⊕         ⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗