The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”
Albert Einstein

Many things fascinate the human mind; algorithms, equations, drugs or sex. ¬†‘Good’, or ‘evil’…

In fact, a great deal of variation is evident, in terms of individual mental stimuli .  That, is quite clear; as, is indeed the undeniable center of fascination for all humans, even since the very birth of our species.

Our minds are, at least in almost all cases, quite fond of inquisitive ‘things’, and, at least in many cases; these ‘things’, are questions, usually derived, or influenced by the world around us, yet ultimately of our own design.

One such question, stands undoubtedly supreme. That, which questions, the very nature of our existence here on earth; generally, or individually…

Why are we here exactly?

I, personally, have yet to find any sort of fucking clue…

…as, indeed do you.

True story.

The End…





An Honest Attempt, at Understanding Our World, through the Things which Shape it: [Entry#1.]

Much, if not most, of the information, which,you are fed systematically, day by day, tweet by tweet, ¬†on Facebook, Youtube, and on your campus, your street-corner, in the media, and even from within the confines of knowledge, provided to you via any given choice of daily news outlet; is either highly opinionated, or, simply pure opinion. ¬†That, is the truth, whether you like it, or admit this to be the reality, is in fact utterly irrelevant in the matter…

That said; the validity of the following passages, is for you to judge through your own self-justifiable convictions, being the child of my own personal observations, and consequent arrival at the various conclusions, relating to the subject at hand.  The concepts involved, belong to a quite broad spectrum of topics, ranging in their importance, at least in regards to your own minuscule place in this vast world of ours.

These are subjects analyzed through my own understanding, which in my personal opinion, at least honestly attempts to remain as ‘unbiased’ as humanly possible. ¬†Unfortunately, as is the case, in, well, each and every single one of us, there is undeniably an element of unintentional, as well as uncontrollable, bias, stemming from the churning undercurrents of the dark sea beneath our conscious mind. ¬†Perhaps, dear reader, you can let me know if you encounter anything of the sort, and, perhaps I may actually give a fuck about your observations;

or not.

…who knows.

In any case; I guess we may proceed at this point.


Well then, I mean, where exactly might one thrust the blade first, whilst given such a grand bounty of diverse cultural, geo-political, socio-economic, or even militarily based, topics and issues, influencing the planet which we inhabit today.

Then again we can’t simply just strike at the jugular first; what’d be the fun, or point in that now?

Especially, given the fact that, realistically I don’t honestly even really know, where it is exactly, that this ‘jugular’ topic lies.


…You’ll just have to find out in my next Entry, as that last beer, now sitting in empty submission at the edge of my screen, has swayed me against any further use of my conflicted, tired mind, at long last. ¬†In addition to which, it’s lovely neighbor, a cheeky little joint, rolled not too long ago with care, by my own hand; has been begging for a chance to ‘spark-up’ a conversation with me.

Until next time then dear open-minded reader, and in the mean time, think beyond the boundaries which have been placed before you, think out loud if that’s what it takes to break them down like a wall in Berlin, contemplate EVERYTHING, and never, NEVER, surrender your deepest convictions to the restrictive, oppressive fools fighting to gain control of your very soul, every day. ¬†I will be with you, now, and in those times I have mentioned in the preceding sentence, so remember my words, let them echo within the corridors of your mind,¬†when the time comes, in your own voice, through the force of your own will. ¬†I trust it’s stronger than you believe.

For ‘doubt’, dear friends; is only as strong as you let it be, and only exists, if you believe in it…




There he was, a cigarette’s lazy haze drifting past his eyes, as the pitter-patter of the rain, combined with the humming of some near-by power generator, soothed his, at times painful, existence; at least, at this very moment.

‘There was really nothing like the rain…’

…came a thought; followed by an inclination, to take a puff, before flicking the burnt down little stick of cancer into the rain beyond the boundaries of the elevated walkway’s protection, above him.

Well, he was late…again.

It was worth it though, well, maybe.  In his opinion, spring rain like this was as good an excuse as any at this point.

Then a flickering light emanated from among-st the shadows of an adjacent baroque walkway, outlining the silhouette of a murky figure.

Late…but not that late.

¬†“The crow is hungry…”

;came a raspy voice.

“…Peas or flesh?”


“Missed you in Glasgow”

“Copenhagen 157”



“…Says -59”

“Thats why -57 ate it.”

“Nope. Your’re late.”

“I know…”


“…where is the birdy?”

“…Still flying.”

“I thought we agreed you’d shoot ducky down.”

“…Situations ensued.”

“…lots of hens in the cock-fight jack.”

“Your the fox…no?”

“Old foxes, develop a cancer called; ‘a conscience'”

“…called saggy balls.”

“…called fuck you.”


“…Looks like they tightened up a smidgen.”

¬†“Next week Jack.”

“Your in deep Ace…”

“…the bureau, Euro pol…four international, and twelve municipal ¬†agencies are fucking my shit kid. They’re fucking my shit, and you best make sure you don’t fuck my shit on this; hear me?”

“…I’m not gonna fuck your shit Jack. One week…alright?”

“Don’tchu fuck my shit Ace”

“…Ramadi. Five Days.”

“…You said a week.”

“…Are you fucking my shit kid?”

“You fucking my shit? If you are….I will personally fix you.”

“5 days Jack…five.”

“Best not fuck my shit kid.”

“Getchyer huntin’ rifle off the mantle boy…and don’tchu fuck my shit.”

“I got it…”

“…5 day.”

“five days…”