Humanity Flawed.

Humanity is flawed… …That’s a given.   As much as we’d like to believe, that our understanding of this statement is absolute; many times the understanding of our understanding may, in fact, not reflect as much. Strangely enough, when thinking in terms of humanity in general, this is true almost always; yet at times we(depending […]

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FLASH               …And then a sizzle coupled with a faint ringing, which meant that I was, at least for the moment, still alive. Now; sprawled out on the dust coated cement, and unsure exactly how I had gotten here, I instinctively drew my hands from my still crippled eyes. […]

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Reflections; by B.M. Strix

Odd things life holds… …odd indeed,…and wonderful in most cases. Here life is real. Gritty and bleak to the unworthy of the, in many ways ‘divine’, fruits to reap amongst the bounty, of the lush garden’s hidden harvest. Yet who amongst us all has never faltered in our ever changing self-desired path.  In fact, many, […]

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Just Another Insomniac

There are, as most of you can relate to, a good many things to keep a man(or woman for that matter) awake at night… A GOOD MANY indeed. If you take your average American for example; bills, debts, addiction, the President, the economy, ISIS, Healthcare, death, relationships, former-relationships, rent, stray bullets, climate change, kids, family, etc, etc….and etc, are […]

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“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” –Albert Einstein Many things fascinate the human mind; algorithms, equations, drugs or sex.  ‘Good’, or ‘evil’… In fact, a great deal of variation is evident, in terms of individual mental stimuli .  That, is quite clear; as, is indeed the […]

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Thoughts on February 2017…

I’m sitting here, in a dinky little suburban coffee shop, sipping a latte, and doing something instrumental, in regards to my own understanding of ‘life’ itself; something which I have not been all to great at undertaking as of late… …contemplating the living shit, out of everything in the world around me. Why do I […]

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When the ‘Beast’ Came…

when-the-beast-came It was a late autumn night, and though a harvest should have been; it was not.  There were no bushels of wheat, no fruits to gather, and no barrels of barley in this year’s yield.  Barrels of blood had taken the place of yesteryear’s crop.  It was late autumn, and all but anything was […]

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We meet soon.

I loathe it indeed …with a passion, in fact. It is a silent killer… A thief in the night… …our worst nightmares. It is a necessary “evil”; so to speak, and it lays out even the most mighty warriors flat on their backs like little beetles. Sleep, my old friend… … we meet soon.

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