FLASH               …And then a sizzle coupled with a faint ringing, which meant that I was, at least for the moment, still alive. Now; sprawled out on the dust coated cement, and unsure exactly how I had gotten here, I instinctively drew my hands from my still crippled eyes. […]

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Sometimes I get to thinkin’…I think a lot. In any case, I get to thinking about things which need no thought for the most part.  I don’t suppose that it’s anything you’d probably call ‘a choice‘; but, nonetheless I do it… Here’s a thought; …when will marijuana  be legalized? …Here’s another one; What is an average […]

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The Strange Cold

The static of a radio sizzled, like cold bacon dropped on a hot skillet.  The lone, ragged looking, bearded man sitting silently, in one corner of the dimly lit, notably small room; closed his eyes, took a long, deep breath, and sighed heavily.  Now, with his eyes still shut, the man’s head sporadically bopped gently […]

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I made my way through the tightly packed, sardine can that had culminated within a large central room, sliding, slipping, and grinding my way through any cracks which I could find.  My common-man’s sign language served me well when I could not find one, as the deafening music allowed me no means of verbal communication. […]

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Reflections; by B.M. Strix

Odd things life holds… …odd indeed,…and wonderful in most cases. Here life is real. Gritty and bleak to the unworthy of the, in many ways ‘divine’, fruits to reap amongst the bounty, of the lush garden’s hidden harvest. Yet who amongst us all has never faltered in our ever changing self-desired path.  In fact, many, […]

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Well… He thought.     Welll… WellWelll-w mio8elwell-wellll… thennn… …Fuck it though. So on he went. …into the ABYSS.

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The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human. -Aldous Huxley     Aldous Huxley was not referring to any specific partisan side, or group when he gave us this powerful preceding statement.  He was, as is made quite clear upon a closer analysis, referring […]

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“Never thought I’d end up here…” “…You?” “eh, who the fuck really does man.” “Ain’t lyin’ there Frank.” “Yeah, guess I’m just kinda fuckin’ deep like that Paul.”         The two men finished what they were doing, and after a hard night’s labor, decided to surrender themselves to the tired feeling, which had been […]

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Just Another Insomniac

There are, as most of you can relate to, a good many things to keep a man(or woman for that matter) awake at night… A GOOD MANY indeed. If you take your average American for example; bills, debts, addiction, the President, the economy, ISIS, Healthcare, death, relationships, former-relationships, rent, stray bullets, climate change, kids, family, etc, etc….and etc, are […]

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