Hello, my name is irrelevant to the premise of this archive/organically growing zeitgeist of our world, and I am an artist.

I am also a son, a student, and an employee.  I am an American, yet only the first generation of ancestors which lay deep beneath the mangled roots and earthen dirt of lands, far from this landscape which I now inhabit; across the Atlantic, away from the hustle and bustle of the societycurrently , in the place my parents and ancestors come from.  I speak English, yet I also speak four other languages. Three of four fluently.  I am a Catholic, and I am an analytical thinker, a realist.  Yet I am also a DREAMER

I am what I am. What else can I tell you about me…

This blog is my attempt at exploring and understanding this journey we call life as best I can.

It is my passion for knowledge, my adventures in all forms of art

…And it is my endless struggle to find some sense in it all, a shred of meaning.

This is where I search for the greatest virtues of humanity, for GLORY, for HONOR, and for what’s left of the GOODWILL we seem so desperately in urgent need of in the world today.

Join me in my quest for something MORE, something beautiful… 

I am here not just for myself but for all lost souls that wander the earth waiting, hoping for but a glimpse of TRUE MEANING. For something to make sense of it all.

Well, in all honesty, I ;unfortunately cannot guarantee, that you shall fnd any meaning holding a position of such gravity here, no more than I may promise to bring down the stars or the moon

Yet in another way, I can also. honestly say; that you very well just might,

…& I hope you do.



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